Single Deluxe Wine

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White slate Black Champagne Wine  


Single Deluxe Deluxe Deluxe

✅ NO MORE MESS IN YOUR CABINETS: Our 10 7/8"D x 13 3/16"W x 1 1/2"H kitchen spices shelf is made for neat spice storage in cabinets with 11" deep shelves. It is a one tiered spice rack holding 12 cans or 25 seasoning & spice containers.

✅ A SPICE RACK FOR 1000+1 PURPOSES: Use this multipurpose D-shape lazy susan turntable as your spice holder, seasoning organizer, medicine/pill cabinet rack or even perfume organizer for the bedroom or bathroom.

✅ SMART DESIGN SPICE HOLDER FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: It is a spinning spice rack that makes spices easier to reach, without taking too much space in your cabinet, fridge, closet or on your kitchen countertop.

✅ A STURDY LAZY SUSAN RACK MADE TO LAST: Manufactured from high-impact polymer plastic, both our Deluxe spice organizers and the original Lazy Susan turntables have a killer holding capacity and greater durability.

✅ PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: This elite revolving spice rack has been submitted to strict quality controls, for your peace of mind. It comes with vinyl, latex free, nonslip shelf liner which is machine washable.


  • Isn’t It Time All Your Spices & Seasonings Were Perfectly Organized?
  • Are you tired of the countless little spice bottles that cause a mess in your cupboards?
  • Have you had enough of messy seasoning bottles cluttering your countertop?
  • Looking for neat storage of all your spice containers?
  • Introducing The #1 Spice Cabinet Organizer, Created by Stow-n-Spin
  • When preparing the daily family meal, time is precious.
  • And looking for the tiny rosemary, oregano or nutmeg bottle could prove a nightmare, if your kitchen cabinet is in chaos.
  • We have released an ergonomic lazy susan spice rack organizer that will hold ALL your seasoning & spice bottles, making your kitchen activities faster, easier and most efficient!
  • Who Said A Seasoning Organizer Is Only Good For Spices?
  • D-shaped to save you space, ULTRA sturdy and with a small shelf rim to protect easy to break containers, our cabinet organizer is perfect also for your pills, medicines, supplements, vitamins, baby food jars, pet food cans and a lot more.
  • You can also use in your fridge, in your closet, under the sink for your detergents, in the bedroom for your perfumes, makeup & nail polishes or in the bathroom for your shampoo, lotions and all daily beauty care products.
  • Why Choose Stow-n-Spin Spice Rack?
  • D-Shaped rotating spice rack
  • Easy access to your bottles
  • Made in the USA from premium polymer plastic
  • Positive traction bearing base respecting all surfaces
  • Great holding capacity (single deluxe model holds 25 lbs)
  • Fits almost all upper cabinets, unlike round turntables
  • Comes with machine-washable shelf liner
  • Available in 3 different classy designs
  • So, Why Wait? Order Yours Today!
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