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 "I would like to introduce our new President of Global Sales and Marketing - Tripp Thornton" 



 Tripp Thornton
President of Global Sales and Marketing


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Tripp H. Thornton Bio

Tripp H. Thornton Bio:
A Fortune 500 CPG Sales Executive with multi-channel and expansive product line experience ranging from Food & Beverage/Energy Drinks to Toys & Gifts to several Hollywood Studios.
Thornton has developed national account sales for many organizations including M&M/Mars, Rubbermaid & Keebler.
He has built broker networks and managed sales managers to accomplish millions in sales growth.
Thornton successfully launched & implemented the Famous Amos Brand into Wal*Mart & Sam's Club which produced one of most well-known cookie brands on the planet.
He took A $2 million product line and within two years turned it into a $200 million brand known around the world!
- Launched a Smart Energy Drink into the C-Store Business Channel covering 200 accounts/25,000 doors and won the business against a $9B giant.
- Liberty Drums is a well-known Drum manufacturer based in London England.
They are truly one of the top five drum companies in the world.
Thornton  served as their North American President to help them gain distribution within NAMM and to gain celebrity recognition into the music industry.
- Thornton has also worked for several studios ranging from faith-based studios in Hollywood to a well-known studio who created The Brainy Baby Company. 
He served as Vice President of sales and marketing for the Good News Holdings Company alongside Mel Gibson and the former President of Paramount Pictures. 
He also served as Vice President of Sales for Premise Media.
Premise  Media launched the film, "Expelled-No intelligence Allowed “featuring Ben Stein. 
Most recently Thornton served as Sr. Vice President Global Sales for a well-known children entertainment brand based out of Arizona.
During his tenure he created a faith based division and a specialty division for the company which created millions of dollars in potential revenue.
Thornton was President & CEO of the Compass Group International whereby he and his team worked with International clients ranging from India, China, Pakistan, England, South America, Bangladesh to Paris France in order to help navigate how to do business in the US territory.
Compass Group has also pioneered domestic companies by helping them achieve distribution and nationally known retailers such as Sax Fifth Avenue Nordstrom’s to Walmart and Dollar General.
Thornton has a vast experience developing relationships and product launches with well-known licenses such as Warner Bros., Nickelodeon and Disney.